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1971 day trip 1973 home movie 1971 Meet the animals 1986 amateur film Egyptian Village 1991 1986 silent cine film nemo joins winnie in 1984
Windsor Safari Park TOP TEN VIDEOS 1988 Rainbow 1985 parrot show 1988 Trikes
1971 day trip 1971 day trip cine film

to Windsor Safari Park

Spend the day with a Worthing family who you just know it would be just fab to drive up in a minibus with

Nanny Granddad Mum Day Doris Aunty Nan Phil Mike and his first wife all take a leisurely drive up from Worth at the dawn of the park's 20 years

fabulous editing, superb audio, a real treasure
1973 home movie another family head off to Windsor Safari Park

this time 1973

another cine film and some pleasant Beethoven humming along in the background

the moving of the elephants around the park was intriguing to me, they had stopped doing this by 1984

I see the park was already indulging in the kiddy trikes - different generation but loads of fun

the dolphins get quite a good look in on this one, so check out early Sea World
1971 Meet the animals Windsor Safari Park Meet the Animals

utterly superb 1985 professional (20 mins) video

begins with awesome Seaworld intro

this goes on for some 10 minutes so is a real treat for Dolphins lovers, next up a great film of the Parrot show that we all remember so well

this video is in beautiful condition, both audio and video are first class
1986 amateur film A Day at Windsor Safari in 1986

Lovely family video of the safari route 1986 including footage of the "Birds of Prey" show

this shows why the management probably decided to stop cars driving the safari route (bumper to bumper) nevertheless, it is so enjoyable to see the safari route from a car just once more

lovely video of Windsor Safari Park, but the filming is extremely amateur in places, with the camera moving all over the place, no attempt at editing this appears to have occurred

having said that it is still a worthy video for the Windsor Safari park vaults, thank you for this newest upload (2012)
Egyptian Village 1991 Hartbeat - Impressions (1 of 3)

an episode of Tony Hart's Hartbeat

GO TO HALFWAY THROUGH THE CLIP to see Margot Wilson at Windsor Safari Park

with school children from a local Berkshire school who have been brought to the Egyptian village

in the name of learning about "impressions"

this film must have been made about 1991
1986 silent cine film Windsor Safari Park 86 (silent)

lovely colour quality, includes some great shots of the baboon enclosure with the whole troop on the move to somewhere!

that old boating lake gets a few seconds reminding us that once upon a time you could take a paddler out on there for a very pleasant half hour

Winnie in action in Seaworld, she looks in fine fettle alright

and some great action back at the Fort, it's short but packs a heck of a lot in
nemo joins winnie in 1984 1984 arrival of Nemo

News coverage of the move of Nemo the killer whale from Clacton Pier to Windsor Safari Park in 1984

lovely few seconds of the front of the Safari Park as Nemo arrives, but what is even more fascinating is that Winnie is already there waiting for him

so 2 killer whales at Seaworld? not for long I suspect, there is a part of the story I don't know here because 2 killer whales? there was only ever 1 AFAIK
1988 Rainbow Noah's Ark Adventure Playground

short clip showing the kids areas up top and the Rainbow Play next to the "Birds of Prey"

good clip of the Parrot show

the birds as usual are up to all sorts of tricks, tricycles, skate board and high wire

nice close up of the birds included too
1985 parrot show Parrot Show special

completely different Parrot show to the previous one, in this one the Parrots are organised into races and pay attention, you can JUST HEAR the commentary from the Seaworld show going off as it is right next door!

back to the Parrot show and check out the lady in charge of the parrots, different lady, different attire, how many years separate the two videos then?

CHILDREN's ZOO clip shows Sonia Reilly with her gorgeous lion cubs

AFRIKAN TIKI SHOW sited next to the boating lake, great to see that again for a few seconds
1988 Trikes TRIKE CITY 1988

it looks like Windsor Safari Park has a long history of providing these small trike ridealongs for our young kids, just check back to the no 2 video (1973) and the trikes were way different then, but did the same giving us all such a great deal of pleasure

in fact you can see from the surroundings, the huge effort that has been put in to cater for very young children

it really was a truly family day out, even from day 1 back in 1970 all the way through 20 years later

the old top ten of videos contains some video selections that play with difficulty
Y E S      N O

BOOK: The Animals Came Out Two by Two: Final Days of Windsor Safari Park, David Taylor, 1988, Robson Books ltd, 224 pages

This book was published in 1995 and covers the "Final Days of Windsor Safari Park"

the author David Taylor was born in Rochdale, Lancashire, and qualified at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine in 1956. He attended the inaugural meeting of the Federation of British Zoos in 1967 which was held at the Zoological Society of London.

He was awarded the first RCVS Fellowship for a wild animal topic (diseases of primates) in 1968, and was recognised as an RCVS specialist in zoo and wildlife medicine, areas to which he made significant contributions. He was the first user of the dart gun in the UK and was the first vet in the country to trial and adopt the newer immobilising drugs for large animals. He was known for inventive and unusual treatments, on one occasion successfully treating a haemorrhaging killer whale by feeding it black puddings.

Taylor worked for zoos across the world. These include Chester Zoo, London Zoo, Chessington Zoo, the now closed Belle Vue Zoological Gardens in Manchester, Flamingo Park Zoo in North Yorkshire, Windsor Safari Park, Parc Astérix near Paris, Marine Land, South of France and Madrid Zoo. He has also worked for some of the most famous circuses in the world.

In 1976 he founded the International Zoo Veterinary Group (IZVG) with his partner Andrew Greenwood and the Dinnes Memorial Veterinary Centre in Santa Clarita, California. Today, the IZVG is one of the largest and best-known independent zoological veterinary practices in the world.

In March 2008, Taylor retired from the International Zoo Veterinary Practice though he still acted as a consultant and continued to be a prolific writer until his death in 2013.

David Taylor's book "The Animals Came Out Two by Two" is an essential buy for anyone still interested in the 20 years of Windsor Safari Park.

It can still be purchased on Amazon and is still going up for sale on e-bay

The final pages of the book include a focus on the Dolphinarium and the radical improvements that would be needed if it were to continue.

David Taylor's analysis of what was needed and why it couldn't happen are immensely fascinating reading - providing an incredible ending to the book!

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