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Giddyup now camel and don't spare the horses! Windsor Safari Park devoted incredible resources to children's areas and in the latter years of the park's operation this investment went into overdrive.

<< This camel was a big hit in the children's farm

Don't forget, the children's farm had the spectacular educational centre right next to it!

Next came the fort and the bouncy ball assault course.

Then the butterfly house and crocodile lair. Then the Noah's Ark adventure area at the top of the park and then the raging river down the bottom.

and they hadn't finished yet ...... or so they thought.

There were mainly small animals in the children's zoo, chickens, ducks, rabbits, chicks but the occasional larger one did make it through.

Usually in the form of a calf, which the kids just loved to pieces!!

the children's farm was a magnificent achievement


And then there were the sheep! A MULTITUDE of SHEEP!!

tons of 'em and what I really loved to see, was the nifty ramp they built to get the sheep over a pen fence. The fence penned the sheep in from the public and there was a wooden ramp ascending parallel to the fence one side and descending the other.

To see these sheep using it was fabulous!
The sheep could stay in their pen or trot up the ramp and into the farmyard and roam wherever they wanted and most of the time THEY DID JUST THAT!!
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John Child !

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Windsor Safari Park considered children very high on their list of priorities. They did them proud.
Just look at this large children's play area on 2 levels: SUPERB and SUPERB! Kids just loved this 2 level adventure playground
The bouncy ball assault course was CRAZY!

<< click the photo to see the lower level

And parents were allowed into the children's areas, but somehow you did feel a little silly in there balancing along the planks and climbing up 30 degree tubes.

You soon realised that the place LOOKS crazy......


but perfectly safe for little mites and their mates.

an excellent rendition of a US cavalry fort!

And 100 yards from the bouncy ball assault course ..... THE FORT!

Defending the fort was always a problem.

Impatient mothers and furious Dads were common too.

The fort was an excellent rendition of a US cavalry fort, including play nets, defence parapets and towers.

Every kid's dream of a complete fort from their cowboy stories. Top job Windsor Safari Park!!

Now .... who remembers the parrots?

The parrot house was always totally packed!

The parrots were trained in a dozen different tricks!

Those parrots were so amazing. They had their own house and their own timetable.

Kids would pour in to see what the parrots could do and the shows were PACKED!

A completely new children's assault course area was added in the late 1980s which was additional to the bouncy ball assault course down the hill, the new one was right next to the Parrot Show WHO REMEMBERS IT??

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The Butterfly House

The butterfly house was glorious and protected by double sheeting doors. As you walked through the beautiful new area you saw plenty of flowers and trees for the butterflies and then suddenly ..... THE CROCS!!

Crocs and butterflies lived side by side and there was even a nifty "exit" for the crocs to an outside paddock which the butterflies couldn't get through.

You normally saw two crocs just like the one on the right but you were lucky if you ever saw them move! Usually they were content to stay put like a Maddame Tussauds prime specimen and they WERE prime specimens for sure. On very hot days it was a treat to see them in the outside section and I am sure they loved it too WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY NOW I WONDER!!

Foliage galore for the butterflies, a paradise!

The little girl suddenly spots a lurking CROC!

right in the centre of the Butterfly House Windsor Safari Park was a haven for young families.

There was literally so much on offer, that it was completely impossible to get around it all in a single day and as the years approached 1992, this simply acclerated even further.

There were wild animals to see, children's areas were plentiful and even more such as the deers' wood and picnic fields. In fact when I went to Legoland in 2003 and met up with ex Windsor Safari Veteran John Jeffries - he showed me beyond the outer dimensions of Legoland and hey presto!! I was standing in DEER WALK - I could see the picnic fields THEY WERE ALL STILL THERE!! I had tears in my eyes!!

That was a grand day alright, it was a pleasure to meet John and see some of the old Windsor Safari territory that plainly Legoland didn't need (even in 2003!)

I often dream that I could just walk back up that snakey approach road and waltz straight back into Windsor Safari but then hey that would be heaven above the clouds wouldn't it!!


The Noah's area was built in the late 1980s and was a labyrinth of stairwells, ropes, drops and of course the huge slide down from the very top tower. It must have been a massive undertaking but what a great joy for the kids. On one side it had the cable swing ride and on the other the mother of all slides taking you down from top to bottom in a few seconds - the kids loved it.

Who remembers all the kids' areas? What about the terrific crocodile rides? The jungle river ride? The Egyptian areas? Yikes there was so much going in we just didn't know how lucky we were! What was your favourite children's area of Windsor Safari Park? Do you have any photos of your best area? Become a contributor to the site and the join the holy contributors group. Remember the spectacular dolphins?

Remember the spectacular dolphins?


Dolphins at Windsor Safari Park.

The dolphins were very popular and often swam with sealions and the killer whale. Their tricks were spectacular alright. The atmosphere on those shows was absolutely superb, they usually had a commentary going from the garden shed hoisted up above the back rows and this had some great music piped over too, I'm sure the dolphins had gotten used to this music and by now loved it as much as we did. I don't know what was better, to have the stadium to yourself and sit wherever you liked (some days it was like that) or have a packed crowd some of whom were funnier than the show!!!

Well I shouldn't say the show was funny really but certainly the sealions were a laugh!! What do you reckon? Actually the sealions had their own pond 100 yards further round the top - how did they get to the stadium then? This just occurred to me 20 years on, what a laugh!

Around the other side of the seated area, visitors could look through a glass section in the massive dolphins' pool (out back) that was reached via a "tunnel" from the performance pool. There were steps to allow you look in from the top as well so that was a nice area for the kids too!

At 10am on the 16th October 2003 I turned up at Legoland to see veteran
Windsor Safari Park employee John Jeffries
DOWNLOAD the 800k interview.doc (2003) (WORD.DOC)   and read all about the fabulous day I had!!

Marineland, Antibes, France    Trip Advisor
Reviewed 14 January 2014
For those in europe who haven't the luck to go in Miami to visit the first Marineland park, come in Antibes, it's a really good one with nice shows especially for children.

  Reviewed 4 January 2014
We visited Maineland in juli 2013. The whole family enjoyed Marineland enormously. Especially the dolphin, orca and seal shows. Simply incredible. These shows superseeded all other animal shows we have seen before. A visit to the park easily consumes a full day. My young daughter and son also took advantage of the opportunity to go horsebakriding which they both enjoyed....

  Reviewed 9 December 2013
Marineland gives the family a lot of fun and education on the sea life around the world. Did you know there is an exchange program for dolphins with Harderwijk in the Netherlands?

  Reviewed 17 November 2013
We went here in November and even though it's quiet that time of year, the tickets were still full price (Ä38 for adults and Ä30 for kids). As we didn't have a car,we went there by train from Nice and it was confusing, as the website says it's in Antibes but you actually need to get the train to Biot. There are also killer whale, dolphin, seal and sealion shows and no info on the website or before you go in about when these are. Timing wise, we were lucky, as we went around Antibes in the morning and then arrived there at 2.30 so we saw the whale show at 3, seal show at 3.45, sealions at 4.15 and dolphins at 5 and we saw everything else in between. While some reviews said you'd need 2 days - we found half a day was more than enough time, but if we'd gone in the morning to leave at lunch, we'd have missed all of the shows as they are only on once. Overall, it was good, but pricey.

  Reviewed 23 October 2013
We spent an autumn day there with our 2 children of 3 and 6 years. Some of the inclosures seem a little small for the animals, but over all the children loved it. We went to a teaching sea lion show, where the "teachers" only spoke french. The dolphin and orca shows are spectacular. The other parcs were closed the day we visited

  Reviewed 7 October 2013
We were given an evening at Marinland as a gift. The night included a Dinner with the Orcas. The night was fantastic we saw the Orca show twice once before & again after the meal, The second show was absolutely spectacular probably because it was dark & the light show & fire works where amazing. ~Dinner was good value for money, but only if you like shell fish. There was ample for two & unlimited wine & water were included also. The only 2 downsides to the night was the fact that the informanaton given about the whales was all in French, even though we did try to say that we were English speakers with very little French and also that there was not enough time to go & see other shows (Our tickets said we were to be at Marineland for 6.30 pm) because of the distance between the venues & the timings of the shows..

  Reviewed 2 October 2013
Had a great day here, loved the orca and dolphin shows. A wonderful experience meeting the dolphins. Plenty to do and see and definitely would need the 2 day pass to get around the 4 parks as on the one day pass you would never have enough time to do them all

  Reviewed 30 September 2013
We had original plans to visit the Marineland/Kidís Island on Sunday, but due to change of plans we had to postpone the visit to Monday. Actually we were a little bit skeptical, if there would be enough attractions for a half a day visit since the Kidís Island was closed. However, the half a day that we were able to spend there, went really quickly and we even had to hurry through most of the attractions. Tickets are pricy, but on the other hand I have never seen an Orca show and it was well worth it. For me everything else was just a plus. From the tourist office (Cannes) we were able find 12 euro discount flyer (3 euros/per ticket) and it was naturally a welcome surprise. Maybe because it was Monday and the Kidís Island was not open, there were not too many people in the Marineland. Naturally some of the restaurants were closed, but those that were open were not even full, except for some short periods. I found the Marineland a really children friendly place and for most attractions you were able go with a pushchair. There was even couple of playgrounds. Orca show great, sea lions nice. We even missed to the dolphin show, but there was enough to see even without that. We arrived with a train to the Biot train stations, which was only a couple of hundred meters away

  Windsor Safari Park

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